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Welcome to the FREE Lincoln Business Networking and Directory

Looking for a local Lincoln service or business professional but don’t want to risk picking a random name out of the phone book? Our Lincoln Business Directory and Lincoln Business Network consists of members who agree to provide top quality service at competitive prices. You can use the form below to search for a specific business, or post your job in the category section down below and get multiple bids from local Lincoln professionals.

About Us

The Lincoln Business Networking is part of a chain of over 600 city business networks across the United States. Each is comprosed of local professionals, small businesses and major corporations, all coming together to learn, connect and grow their businesses through referrals.

Who We Are

The Lincoln Business Networking is business and professional networking organization comprised of local service providers and businesses in Lincoln, and the surrounding areas. each professional is committed to helping the city, providing top quality service, and growing their businesses through mutual referrals. We only allow 3 professionals per category per zip code (i.e. 3 real estate agents, 3 lenders, 3 graphic designers). All others are placed on a waiting list.

We are the voice of local Lincoln business who realize that true growth in our economy will not come from the simple printing of more money by the Government, but instead by the empowering and uniting of the small business. the Lincoln Business Networking serves as the forum and platform to assist them in their desire to quickly grow their business through mutual referrals, education and alliance building.


The Lincoln Business Networking is here to help

  • We assist local consumers by providing them a directory with detailed information of our members. this allows consumers to make better informed decisions about local products and services.
  • We create thousands of introductions, and referrals through our proprietary business networking software and facilitate the rapid expansion of local businesses in the Lincoln and surrounding areas..
  • We help unite Lincoln and its people in their pursuit of mutual success and the betterment of the US economy at large.

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